Monday, June 2, 2014

Beijing Vegetarian Food!

Fat Yu stay many days in Beijing!  Even see old friend, Mister Gao!

Mister Gao just return from Buddhist retreat!  Many days not speaking!  But now can speak!  So we go to lunch!

Even though he now speak, Mister Gao still no eat the meat! So we go to local restaurant and order only vegetable dishes!

We have eggplant!  (Even though no look like egg!)  And bean curd shreds!  Look like noodle!

Must admit - when I know that we only eat vegetable, I am very disappoint!  But restaurant have Fat Yu favorite noodle!  No pork!  And I am very excited again!

Restaurant serve plain noodle with sauce and vegetable over on the side!

Fat Yu have to mix himself!  But no matter!  Mister Gao mix the noodle!

Sauce is very dark and salty - like Shanghai food but no sweet!  Vegetable very crispy and fresh!  No wonder Fat Yu favorite!  Is best of the both worlds!

I Am Fat Yu!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Beijing Roast Duck!

Fat Yu go to Beijing many times!  Very like Beijing food!  But only once have Beijing famous roast duck!  Aiya, is too expensive!

But this time Fat Yu go for work!  Someone else pay for duck!  So we go to most expensive duck restaurant!

But cannot have only duck!  Too many duck!  So first order squirrel fish!

Says look like squirrel!  But Fat Yu never see squirrel like this!

Doesn't matter!  Is very delicious!  Sweet like Shanghainese like!

But now is main events!  Chef bring in whole duck and cut right at table!  Very beautiful!  And every piece has both meat and skin!  Is very full of skill!

But, wait for a minute!  They take rest of duck away!  Is still good meat on that bone!  And Fat Yu wife can make soup!  Is very waste!  But doesn't matter!  Fat Yu not paying!

Fat Yu get his own dish of sauce and vegetable!

Fuwuyuan offer to make Fat Yu's pancake!  But Fat Yu make own pancake!  Fat Yu like very simple - just sweet sauce and onion!

Fat Yu must admit, is very delicious!  Duck is very juicy and pancake very soft!  But can also have with crispy sesame bun!

(Eh, Fat Yu prefer pancake!  Fat Yu classic man!)

But of course I eat both!  Why?!

I Am Fat Yu!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Shanghai Da Bao!

For some reasons, people no talk a lot about baozi!  Always talk about xiaolongbao, or shengjianbao!  Never talk about dabao!  Eh, why not?!  Can find on every corner in Shanghai!  Is maybe most popular Shanghai food!

But now we talk about dabao!  Because there is nice lady on walk to work!  Always very busy!  Is because she is very friendly and baozi number one taste!

Has many different kinds of baozi!  Minced pork, vegetable and tofu, red bean!  Vegetable and tofu is best kind!

Eh, but one complaint - dabao not da enough!  Is too small!  Cost 1 RMB - Fat Yu thinks should be bigger!

Why need to be so big?!  Why cannot just buy more of them?!


I Am Fat Yu!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tongchuan Lu Seafood Market!

If one thing Fat Yu know, it is Shanghai food!  And you know that Shanghai mean on top of ocean!  Shang - top; hai - ocean; Shanghai mean on top of ocean!  Haha!

Because we so close to ocean, we eat many seafood!  And biggest seafood market in Shanghai is on Dongchuan Lu!  Is very big and open all the time!  Have many kind of seafood, including big big clam!  Laowai friend told Fat Yu that they call this duck!  Laowai very strange!  Is nothing like duck!

Buy seafood at the market, restaurant close by will cook for you!  Is very cheap, but only if you Shanghai person!  Laowai friend pay twice too much!  Even 外地人 pay too much!

No matter!  We have many dishes!  Two types of clam!  Crab and salted egg yolk!  Even special extra large shrimp!

All the dishes were very delicious!  And because can bargain at the market, is very cheap!  Just buy beer and wine!  Enjoy delicious seafood dinner with good friends!

I Am Fat Yu!

Monday, December 31, 2012

Ci Fan Tuan!

Fat Yu always write about Shanghai food, but never write about breakfast!  Why not breakfast?!  Is most important meal of the whole day!

Fat Yu walk to work and have many places to eat breakfast!  Jianbing, scallion pancake, mantou, western bakery - have many option!  But when Fat Yu very hungry, he must have cifantuan!  Is most filling option!  And is cheap too!  Just 4 RMB!

Fat Yu favorite fantuandian is on corner of Xikang Lu and Nanyang Lu!  Always long line!  That when you know is good!  And lady is very nice!

Fat Yu always get same thing!  Crispy you tiao, salty bean sauce, meat floss and tea-cooked egg!  If not broken, why you bother fix it?!

She packs it all in rice with red bean and put in bag!  Look like this!

After I take bite, look like this!  Very delicious!

And very filling!  Eat just one, not hungry until lunch!

But, of course, lunchtime and I am hungry again!

I Am Fat Yu!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Beijing Style Hot Pot!

Aiya!  Gets very cold in Shanghai!  Everything always wet!  Very chilly!

Nothing better to warm up than hot pot!  And Fat Yu must admit, best hot pot come from Beijing!  Fat Yu very like this place!  And is very close to Fat Yu's home!

Beautiful ceramic hot pot!  And inside has delicious lamb soup!  We buy slices of lamb and cook in soup!

But best part of restaurant is sesame sauce!  Have fresh green onion, coriander!  Salted garlic, chili oil!  Mix all together, very delicious!

Not only have lamb!  Have mushrooms, fish cake, green vegetable!  Taste is very good!

Hot pot make the whole room warm!  And cooking food in hot soup make food very hot!  Good for winter!  Beijing people still not better than Shanghai people!

I Am Fat Yu!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Taiwan Black Pepper Shrimp!

Fat Yu love Taiwan food!  Not just the food in Taiwan, but Taiwan-style food too!  Many great seafoods, just like in Shanghai!  But taste is very different!

Fat Yu's Taiwan friend take him to a small Taiwan restaurant that only Taiwan people go to!  Fat Yu had never heard of before!

This restaurant have special dish!  Taiwan Black Pepper Shrimp!  They have many tanks full of different shrimp!  We order medium size!

They use special cooking technique!  They call dry roasting!  They use big metal pot!  Get very hot!

Come to the table, smell very good!

Shrimp is very fresh and is cooked perfect!  Firm and springy!  And black pepper taste is very delicious!

But Fat Yu must be honesty!  He like shrimp when is peeled already!  Spitting out shell take too long!  Peeled shrimp can eat much faster!

Why need to eat faster?

I Am Fat Yu!